Mulan "Kwok" Jameela

Mulan began his career of singer café and had joined in several bands such as Swara Coustic, Bandung All Star and the Dimension Band. In early 2005, Mulan and Maia Ahmad joined the "Ratu" and the duo released the album titled Ratu & Friends. The first single entitled "Teman Tapi Mesra" a huge success and instantly catapulted Mulan Kwok's name became one of the top vocalists. Several awards were successfully achieved. The album sold more than 400,000 copies and confirmed the Ratu became the most successful female group at that time. In 2006, an album titled "No Satu" is became hits again with titled "Lelaki Buaya Darat" and "Dear Diary". The album also successfully sold 500,000 copies in first week of release.But then, on January 31, 2007 Mulan out from the Ratu and announced over the issue of financial transparency in the management body of the Ratu. Now Ratu has change their name became Duo Maia, and Mulan is replaced by Meychan.


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Full Name
Raden Terry Tantri Wulansari

Nick Name
Mulan Jameela

August 23th,1979.

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Album with "Ratu":
  • Ratu & Friends (2005)
  • No Satu (2006)
Solo Album:
  • Kekal (2000)
  • Mulan Jameela (2008)




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