Farah Quinn (ala Chef)

If usually you see a chef with a 'boring' face, I'm sure not this one. Yes, she is Farah Quinn. A great chef with a simple menu and recipe but very delicious food. She had a prime show on television. No doubt, she is a SEXY CHEF on this country.

Please click link below, for more HOT PICTURE and her biography.

Full Name
Farah Fauzan Quinn

Nick Name
Farah Quinn

April 8th, 1980.

  • Host for "Ala Chef" since (November 2008)
  • Owner of Camus Restaurant (2005)
  • Chef on Lydia's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Pastry Master on Arizona Biltmore Resort, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Chef on G-8 meeting at Sea Island, Georgia (2005 )





Alliev Pacitan said...

like this... (-_-)

athene said...

fotonya mantrapzzz,,,,,,,

mosfiq@fadli said...

@Alliev Pacitan & Athene: thank you ^_^

RC Vliegtuigen said...

If her food tastes as good as she looks it must be delicious! :)


R.C. Vliegtuigen

Silver said...

Awesome. She can invite me round for dinner any time.

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