Cua KotaK Band


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Nissa Hamzah (Omelette Band)

She is the youngest female bassist who inspire other women musicians. She was the only female bassist who joined in 'Bassist Heroes' album, an album for the best bassist in Indonesia.
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Julia Perez (HOT PHOTOS)

New hot and sexy photos of Julia Perez, please enjoy.

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Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura made its debut in the entertainment worlds as a finalist Top Model 2006. Began her acting through the role as a named character in the soap opera "Cinta Cinderella" production MD Entertainment. Thanks to accent a mixture of Indonesia and English, make her look different. In 2008, she was offered her first film debut, "Oh Baby". In this film, she also contributed her voice to movie soundtrack. In early 2009, she duet with Duo Maia on their latest album.


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Agnes Monica

Upon request from my Facebook friend, now I published about Agnes Monica.

Agnes Monica began her career at the age of 6 years as a little singer and also a presenter. In 1999, Agnes was awarded Panasonic Awards as a Children Presenter Most Favorite. On age of 15 year old, Agnes began to plunge into the world of acting by starring in soap operas "Pernikahan Dini". This success made Agnes name in the entertainment industry arena a more calculated. Her success brought her fame not only in her homeland, Indonesia, but also in neighboring Asian country such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, and even in Netherlands in Europe. She is the only singer in Indonesia who has her own dance group called Nezindahood, who always perform with Agnes on stage. In 2009, she began planning to launch her International career, and started taking Mandarin lessons. A result of this was her role in two Taiwanese drama series, "Romance in the White House" with Peter Ho, and "The Hospital" with Jerry Yan.

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Julia Perez (JuPe)

Julia Perez or Jupe started her career in France. Her relationship with Damien Perez opens her opportunity as model FHM and Maxim magazine in France. That's why also, she got "Perez" on her last name, they married there. Jupe was nominated as one of 100 most sexy girls. She is often dressed and sexy photos make her got nickname "Bomb Sex". Her name was becoming known after she played a few soap operas an featured films.

In April 2008, Julia Perez said going into "Dangdut" music. She then released her first album titled "Kamasutra". The album includes Jupe condom tucked inside cover of each album.

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Mulan "Kwok" Jameela

Mulan began his career of singer café and had joined in several bands such as Swara Coustic, Bandung All Star and the Dimension Band. In early 2005, Mulan and Maia Ahmad joined the "Ratu" and the duo released the album titled Ratu & Friends. The first single entitled "Teman Tapi Mesra" a huge success and instantly catapulted Mulan Kwok's name became one of the top vocalists. Several awards were successfully achieved. The album sold more than 400,000 copies and confirmed the Ratu became the most successful female group at that time. In 2006, an album titled "No Satu" is became hits again with titled "Lelaki Buaya Darat" and "Dear Diary". The album also successfully sold 500,000 copies in first week of release.But then, on January 31, 2007 Mulan out from the Ratu and announced over the issue of financial transparency in the management body of the Ratu. Now Ratu has change their name became Duo Maia, and Mulan is replaced by Meychan.


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Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL)

Bunga Citra Lestari or we known her as BCL is a hot prospect artist since she start her career on Television. She started from cinema TV show that called "sinetron" on Indonesia, this TV program similar like seasonal TV program on other country. And she try too explore her talent on Movie, not just only that, she also sing for this Movie soundtrack with first title "Sunny" (Cinta Pertama). And from this her new talent is "found". Now, she is a potential singer & her songs often became Hits.

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Farah Quinn (ala Chef)

If usually you see a chef with a 'boring' face, I'm sure not this one. Yes, she is Farah Quinn. A great chef with a simple menu and recipe but very delicious food. She had a prime show on television. No doubt, she is a SEXY CHEF on this country.

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Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih, this sexy woman is finalist Miss Indonesia 2007. And now she focus on her new career as a singer. She don't need a long time for public know her and become her fans, her beautiful face and hot sexy body makes every man who saw her is falling in love.

Her debut song with title "Mari Bercinta" or in English "Let's Make Love" is booming. Not just because her song, but also the video clip that show her sexy body, had a high request on television.

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Meychan (Duo Maia)

Mey Chan is personnel of group vocal "Duo MAIA". Her sexy voice combine with her beautiful face, make this group more success on Indonesian music industry.

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Prisa Adinda

Prisa is one pioneer for woman guitarist on Indonesia, she make people change that a rock & metal guitarist must boy / man, her guitar skill answer all the critics. And her beautiful visage and innocent face with a high distortion music, make her appearance on Indonesian music industry is like a snow rain on a desert.

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